My favorite three words in March?  Above normal temperatures!

In March, the average temperature was 37.8 degrees – which makes it the fifth warmest March since 1940.  The warm temperatures also ushered in lots of wind and rain.  We only had 7.1 inches of snow to push around, which is 5.6 inches below normal.  We had two “plowable” events – one on March 21st, and the other on March 25th.  The later storm consisted of mostly ice and slush, which made for treacherous conditions.  That storm seemed to throw many people for a loop, but our crews were out even before some towns and municipalities.

The last time March had NO snow was back in 1946 – a little bit before our time.  So while we are always prepared for snow in March, we also are getting prepared for Spring.  We always anticipate starting our spring clean ups at the end of March, and this year did not disappoint.  We are currently sweeping, edging and mulching.  If there are any spring services you would like to add to your schedule, contact Melissa in our office and she will be more than happy to assist – OR – Click on the “Contact US” button at the bottom of this letter.

Looking ahead, I am seeing the trend of warmer temperatures continuing.  We are always ready to put the plows and sanders back on if the need arises, but it looks like we are going to enjoy an “early” spring.


Here’s to Spring!
Nick Flagg