Association Services

When we take over your property maintenance, our first goal is to correct all the problems from the past. Improving the service you receive is our main objective!

Communication is key to our client relationships. There is a constant flow of information between the crew, the office, the association management and the residents.

Flaggship Landscaping provides a full menu of property maintenance services including seasonal cleanups, mowing, pruning, and plowing in the Greater Portland and Southern Maine area. Our goal is to provide the best care and services you’ve ever received.

To learn more about the extraordinary results you’ll receive from Flaggship Landscaping, please call our office at 207.510.7777.

Flaggship’s Crew Delivers! They take pride in their work. They are always on top of things.
Sharon S.

Rockwood Condominium Association

We have a difficult property. 36 free standing homes with challenging geography. Not many companies are interested or able to take us on. Flaggship consistently exceeds our expectations.
Tom B.

Park South Condominium Association