Well, February was an interesting month – one we will be sure to remember for years to come.  For one, it was the 9th warmest February on record – kicking off with 60 degree temperatures the first week of the month.  Then, on February 5th, a winter storm brought 8.8 inches of snowfall – the heaviest of the season.

By mid-month, we were back to the February we all know and “love”, and the below zero temperatures returned.  The temperatures plunged on the 11th, and stayed frigid through Valentines Day.  On the 15th, a warm front moved in, ushered in 2″ of wet, heavy snow and freezing rain.   Apparently, Cupid wanted to heat things up – because it got really hot.

Unfortunately, I’m not talking about the weather.  No, instead I am sad and disappointed to report that our brand new Kubota Tractor which was only 4 months old, caught fire at one of our properties and was completely destroyed.  I am happy and relieved that our operator, Ricky, escaped un-injured.  We were able to find a replacement tractor, and service has  presumed as normal.  We want to thank the fast response of the Old Orchard Fire Department, and once again express how grateful we are that no one was hurt.  In the business of property management – we work with equipment every day. We know that fire, mechanical problems and accidents are an every day risk.  We diligently train our team members to respond to emergencies accordingly, and I am proud to say  the only casualty that evening was our Kubota Tractor.

In the month of February, we had 4 “Plowable” events (depending on your scope of contract).  Due to the temperatures fluctuating from 50 degrees, down to below freezing at night – we did quite a bit of salt applications.  We will sending your storm total summaries for your property within a few days.

Looking ahead at March, I foresee an early spring, which means we will start spring cleanups, mulching and pruning as soon as the weather and conditions allow.  We are also going to be scheduling spring installations.   If you have any spring projects you would like to have scheduled, please contact us as soon as possible – we are taking those appointments now.

As always, thank you for your business.  While we are hoping winter is over, there is always a possibility of a late season storm.  In the meantime, we are getting prepared and looking forward to spring!